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Spaghetti - Gnocchi - Penne
Tortellini. Tagliatelle + € 0.50
with the following sauces

191 Pomodoro with tomatoes and garlic 6,50
192 Bolognese with meat sauce 6,50
193 Carbonara with ham, bacon, cream, egg 6,50
194 Aglio e Olio with garlic, peppers, olive oil and piri-piri 6,50
195 Prosciutto e funghi with ham, mushrooms and cream sauce 6,60
196 Quattro formaggi with 4 cheeses 6,50
197 Emiliane with ham, peas, mushrooms and cream sauce 6,50
198 Panna e prosciutto ham and cream sauce 6,00
199 Spinaci with spinach and cream sauce 6,50
200 Vegetaria fresh vegetables in spicy sauce 6,60
201 Cavalliero with bacon, broccoli and mushroom sauce 6,50
202 Scapatti with chicken strips, green peppers, mushrooms in pink sauce 7,00
203 Arrabiata with bacon, onion and peppers in tomato sauce (spicy) 6,50
204 Frutti di mare with seafood and tomato sauce 8,00
205 al gorgonzola with Österkronsauce 6,50
206 Della Casa with salmon, shrimp and leeks in curry cream sauce 8,00
207 Di pollo with chicken in curry sauce 6,50
208 Peperoncini with bacon and broccoli (spicy) 6,50
209 Salmone with smoked salmon and spinach in Österkronsauce 8,00
210 Tonno with tuna, tomato sauce, garlic 6,50
211 Omega with shrimp and Österkronsauce 7,50
212 Di Maradona with pepperoni, ham and diced tomatoes in cream sauce 7,50


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