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Wiener Schnitzel and Cordon Bleu
pork, turkey or chicken possible

132 Wiener Schnitzel with fries and salad 7,00
133 Farmers Cordon Bleu with bacon, onion and cheese, french fries 8,50
134 Cordon Bleu with fries and salad 8,00
148 Cordon Bleu Diavolo ham, peppers, onion, mozzarella and fries 8,50
131 Piccata Milanese pork tenderloin or chicken filet in Parmesanpanade on Spaghetti Pomodoro 9,50
135 Garlic chop with green beans and roasted potatoes 8,50
136 Pork medallions in mushroom sauce with rice or fried potatoes 9,00
137 Spareribs (2 pcs.) With fried potatoes and salad 11,00
138 Turkey fillet nature with fresh vegetables and rice 8,50
139 Sliced turkey with zucchini, mushrooms and rice 8,00
140 Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, cheese, curry sauce and rice 9,50
140a Chicken liver with baked potatoes and salad 7,00
141 Pork tenderloin with spinach sauce and rice 9,00
142 Saltimbocca alla romana pork escalope with ham and sage, to spaghetti aglio e olio 9,50
143 Zwiebelrostbraten with fried potatoes 9,90
144 Chicken Wings 12 pcs. With fries 8,50
145 Chicken nuggets with fries                                                                                           9 pcs. 6,50
145a Chicken nuggets with fries                                                                                         12 pcs. 7,50
146 Berner sausage with fries 6,50
147 Cevapcici with fries 6,50
149 Champignon Schnitzel with rice 8,00
150 Potato Wedges 3,00
151 Extra side dishes fries, parsley potatoes, baked potatoes, rice 2,40


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